About ARCS

Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging Services


Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging Services has 19 members, including 3 librarians and 16 classified staff. ARCS also employs 10-12 student assistants (approximately 4.5 FTE).


Organization Chart

  • Division Head: Patty Carey
    • Continuous Orders & Receiving Section
      • Acquisitions Librarian: Sion Romaine
        • Library Specialist I: Cari Ahlstrom
        • Library Specialist I: David Bilski
        • Library Specialist I: Brenda Catlett
        • Library Technician III: Joseph Schultz
        • Library Supervisor I: Hsiaoching Li
          • Student Specialists
    • One Time Orders Section
      • Acquisitions Librarian: Morag Stewart
        • Library Specialist I: Margaret Fulton
        • Library Specialist I: Tamara Jordan
        • Library Specialist I: Thomas Smith
    • One Time Receiving Section
      • Library Specialist I-Supervisor: Tim Cameron
        • Library Specialist I: Will Davis
        • Library Specialist I: Cheryl Morrison
        • Library Specialist I: Vacant
        • Student Specialists
      • Government Publications Processing Section
          • Library Specialist I-Supervisor: Hilary Reinert
            • Library Technician-Lead: Kam Lee
              • Library Technician III: Lorna Aites (.5 FTE)
                • Library Technician III: Kate Scully (.6 FTE)
                  • Student Specialists