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Sustainability - Spring 2012

Scholars' Studio: Lightning Talks in the Research Commons: Sustainability. April 10, 2012

What we talk about when we talk about Sustainability

  • Emily Keller, Political Science & Public Affairs Librarian


Is Increasing Efficiency Good for the Environment?

  • Jim White, Computational Linguistics


Persuasive Communication for Climate Change: Problems and Prospect

  • Tim Scharks, Public Policy and Management, Evans School of Public Affairs


Teamwork Building in Medical Education

  • Susan M Marzolf, MD, Department of Global Health


Assessing the Effects of Urban Infrastructure on the Nearshore Ecology of Juvenile Pacific Salmon in Elliott Bay, WA

  • Stuart Munsch, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


Making Environmental Programs More Inclusive: A Neighborhood-based Approach

  • Eberley Wedlake, Evans School of Public Affairs


Climatic Challenges to Sustainable Agriculture

  • Brian Smoliak, Atmospheric Sciences


Crowdsourcing Conservation: Developing Technology For The Field, The Home, And The Classroom

  • Abigail Evans, Information School


Welcoming the Wolf back to Washington: Promoting Ecological Sustainability with Apex Predators

  • Carolyn Shores, Biology