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Best Practice and Education

Best Practice Guidance

Want to know more about the lifecycle of research data? Unsure of where to begin when it comes to understanding how and why data is so important to reproducibility and open science? The resources below will get you started. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions; our services include data management consultations and lecture- or workshop-based education.

Data Management Guide

UW Libraries' introduction to Data Management. You'll find information relevant to all stages of the research lifecycle - from Data Management Plans in the grant-writing process, to Organization and Format during data collection, to Sharing and Archiving your data post-publication. Check out our FAQ page for quick reference.

Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group

The UW eScience Reproducibility and Open Science Working Group meets regularly and hosts seminars to discuss the issues and practices around tools and practices to enhance data sharing, preservation, provenance, and reproducibility. The group’s site has many resources, including workshops, workflow management tools, presentations, and git resources.

Managing and Sharing Data

Presented by the UK Data Archive, this short primer covers best practices for researchers throughout the data lifecycle. The 2011 edition is available in PDF format at the link above. More resources are available at the UK Data Service’s companion website to the updated 2014 edition.

Workshops and Curricula

Our staff offer a consistent rotation of educational workshops on tools, resources and services available through the Libraries. Workshops can also be custom-made to fit your class or lab needs. IN addition, the resources below will help you to fill in any gaps you may have in your own knowledge, and can also be useful should you find yourself needing to teach others about research data management. Contact us at libdata@uw.edu if you're interested in hearing about UW workshop options.

DataONE Educational Modules

A series of eleven PowerPoint slide decks that can be incorporated into individual educational modules, covering a wide range of RDM topics. Provided with a CC0 license that allows you to freely use or modify the work.

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (NECDMC)

A seven-module course to teach data management skills to undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers, primarily in health sciences, sciences, and engineering, but is adaptable to other disciplines. Modules include downloadable PowerPoint lecture slides with associated activities, readings, lecture notes, and case studies. Provided with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license that allows you to share and adapt the work as long as it's cited.

Essentials 4 Data Support

An introductory course for people who support researchers in storing, managing, archiving, and sharing their research data. From Research Data Netherlands, the course is an online, self-paced course than can be taken without registration, online with a user profile (which allows learners to comment and participate in the forums), or as the full online course with a face-to-face component and certificate upon completion.