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Persistent Identifiers

The UW Libraries provide two tools to help create persistent identifiers or persistent archived versions of web pages. UW provides institutional accounts for both of these services. To get signed up with either service, email libdata@uw.edu with information about your project and which service you'd like to use. You can also email us with any questions about either service.

  • perma.cc creates a permanent snapshot of a webpage or web resource that you'd like to reference in a publication, such as an article, dissertation, or another web resource. This "snapshot" will create an archived version of the referenced page as of a specific date in time, and will give it a persistent address.
  • DataCite assigns a Digital Object Identifier to create a permanent address for a website, such as a project website, curriculum materials, etc. The back-end location of the resource can be changed, but the public-facing URL for the item(s) will remain the same.