Off-Campus Access

Many of the Libraries' resources are available online, 24/7! However, most of the databases, electronic journals and e-books are restricted to current UW faculty, students and staff. If you want to connect to a UW-restricted resource from outside of the UW campus network, you must log in with your UW NetID.

Libraries Website: Log In When Prompted

On the Libraries website, simply click on the resource you want and you will be prompted for your UW NetID when it is needed.

Using Your Own Bookmarks and Links: Use the Bookmarklet

If you often do your research from off-campus, we recommend you install the off-campus access (proxy) bookmarklet on your browser's bookmarks toolbar. The bookmarklet lets you log into the proxy without having to browse from the Libraries website.


  • If you log in successfully, you will be redirected to your resource and will see "" within the address bar.
  • Use your browser's forward and back buttons whenever possible to move around.
  • Do not use the home button, your favorites or bookmarks (unless you are using them with the proxy bookmarklet).
  • If you fall out of the off-campus proxy space, and no longer see "" within the address bar, go back to the Libraries site to re-enter the resource, use the proxy bookmarklet to re-enter, or enter your URL in the following form.

Connecting to a URL through the Proxy

If you have a URL and want to log into it through the proxy, enter it below: