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Active Learning Classrooms (ALC)

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Lara Swimmer photo, alc141

ALCs closed July 13th through August 18th for facility upgrades

Active learning classrooms (ALC) are a joint venture between the University Libraries, UW-IT Classroom Technologies and Events (CTE), and UW-IT Learning Technologies (LT).  If you have questions or would like more information, contact ougl@uw.edu or subscribe to the ALC listserv, alcs_at_ougl@u.washington.edu.

What is an active learning classroom? ALCs can be described as interactive, interdisciplinary spaces where information and technology are combined to facilitate scholarship. Faculty are provided with a unique opportunity to explore how space and technology can promote student learning. Active learning classrooms support case-based learning, guided inquiry, peer learning and just-in-time learning, all of which are increasingly the basis for how classes are taught. Student-centered pedagogy is promoted and students are encouraged to build on prior understanding to solve problems, critically evaluate solutions and create new knowledge.


See what an active learning classroom looks like in action

See Chinese 101 in action at 3:13 mark

Video credits: produced and directed by Austin Siedentopf.