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Seats 90 students at 10 fixed tables each seating 9 students. Each table has a 55-inch flat-panel monitor.

ALC Features

Active Learning Classrooms2

  • Writable glass-surfaces for each group
  • Fixed round tables; fixed instructor podium; movable chairs
  • Tables can accommodate up to nine students
  • 55-inch flat-panel monitors at each table
  • Network (wireless) and power connectivity at each table
  • A limited number of data ports for wired connectivity
  • Tables have three video ports and power for nine portable devices
  • Each table has a Request Help button
  • Microphones at tables and podium
  • Pathways built-in for infrastructure changes later
  • Connectivity links between the two rooms
  • Lecture capture and distance learning connectivity
  • Instructor podium with dedicated PC
  • Network connectivity from instructor podium to support personal laptop
  • Document camera; Blu-ray player available from instructor podium
  • Six data diner booths equipped with 32-inch flat-panel monitors, seats up to four

ALC Instructor Podium

  • Dedicated PC with 24-inch Crestron monitor that allows selection and display of table-specific information.
  • Connectivity for an instructor’s portable device/laptop (both VGA and HDMI)
  • Document camera (to take the place of an overhead projector)
  • Blu-ray player
  • Apple TV (AirMedia is used as an alternative for iOS and Android devices)
  • Control interface for the AV system
  • Control system allowing instructor to select content from the instructor’s source or from a student table for distribution to other student tables
  • Lecture capture and distance learning connectivity
  • Ability to link together both Odegaard ALC 136 & 141
  • Accessories toollkit available at the 1st floor service desk

Click image to see the ALC 136 calendar for free/busy times   → → → → →  calendar_image

This room seats up to 90 students at ten fixed round tables, with each table seating nine.  The tables feature a 55-inch flat-panel monitor with network (wireless) and power connectivity. Additional seating is available in the form of six data diner booths. If needed, technology peripherals are available for checkout at service desks.

The instructor podium features a dedicated PC with a 24-inch monitor and connectivity for a portable device (laptop, tablet, etc.), a document camera (to take the place of an overhead projector), a Blu-ray player, and control interface to the AV system.  An accessories packet is available at the 1st floor service desk.

If you are interested in scheduling ALC 136 for a non-course related activity, use this link.