iPad Mini

Odegaard Library has 2 iPad Minis available for checkout at the information/help desk (2nd floor).

iPad Mini Checkout

Currently undergoing maintenance and not available for checkout.

Odegaard iPad Minis were funded through the University of Washington Student Technology Fee and come pre-loaded with a sampling
of apps (software) for school and fun!  These devices can be checked out for 4-hours.


Apple iPad Mini | 16 GB storage | iOS 7 | Wi-Fi enabled



iPad Mini Basics



Getting Connected

wifiWhen the iPad Mini is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar at the top of the screen shows the connection strength.
The more bars you see, the better the connection.




settingsIf the iPad Mini does not connect, click on Settings, then Wi-Fi. If on campus select University of Washington as your network. Follow instructions to connect.
You will be prompted to login to your UWNetID.  Wait for the Wi-Fi icon to appear indicating you're connected. If it doesn't appear, click Wi-Fi "off" then "on."




Accessing the Internet



Use Safari or Google Chrome

You can also download your
favorite mobile browser,
if you prefer.


Connect to Your Email

mailReturn to Settings, then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars, " then "Add Account …" and select an email type.
Follow this link for detailed instructions regarding setting up an iPad for UW Deskmail.

The easiest way to get files and documents off of the iPad Mini is by using your email. Look for the email icon to send self-created content.



What's in the Carrying Case?

iPad_mini_caseThe iPad Mini cover doubles as a stand.

Use the USB cable to connect to a computer.

Use the USB cable to connect to the power adapter for re-charging.

The video adapter connects the iPad to a projector or monitor with a HDMI connection.


Find My iPad

Find_My_iPadThe devices are equipped with Apple's Find My iPad app which tracks the location of missing iPads and allows the owner to use Lost Mode to lock it remotely.



List of Pre-installed Apps



More information about built-in (pre-installed) apps...


Library in-stalled Apps



Where can I find an iPad Mini to borrow?
iPad Minis are available for checkout at the 2nd floor service desk.

Who can checkout an iPad Mini?
Only current UW students may checkout iPad Minis.

How long can I check out an iPad Mini?
The device is available for a 4-hour checkout.

How do I use the installed apps?
Click the iPad Mini Basics tab for more information. You can also ask for assistance at a service desk.

Can I download apps to this device?
Yes, you are encouraged to download apps.  Do be aware that we restore the device to its original state after fulfillment has been completed, so, you'll probably want to avoid download apps that are not free.

I connected the iPad Mini to my computer to access my iTunes account and now I can't use any of the installed apps. What happened?
If your iTunes account is set to automatically "sync" with any connected Apple device, your contents and apps (in iTunes) will replace the content and apps that are installed by the Library. Bring the iPad Mini back to the 2nd floor service desk and we will re-install the apps.

Where can an iPad Mini be returned after use?
The device must be returned to the 2nd floor information / help desk.

What fines might I face if I return the device late or fail to return it?
Fines for iPad Minis are assessed at a similar rate as items on Reserve. See Reserve Materials and loans of less than 3 days. There is a variance regarding the replacement charge for the device.  The charge for replacing an iPad Mini is $450.00 which includes a $50 non-refundable billing charge.