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Persian Arts - Traditional and Contemporary

Persian Woman
Persian Woman
Artist: Farideh Zariv

Odegaard Undergraduate Library

July 12 - August 12, 2000

1st and 2nd floors

Artists' Reception and lecture with slides, Wednesday, July 19, 6-8pm, Odegaard Library room 220.

Farideh Zariv and Nasser Palangi are two contemporary Iranian artists whose work merges traditional styles and elements into a contemporary canvas. Their work includes water colour miniatures painted onto old manuscripts, mixed media and oils. Displayed alongside their art work are pieces of traditional Persian clothing, jewellery, and rugs.

Farideh directs an organzation of Iranian women artists and owns a gallery in Teheran. Nasser teaches art both privately and in academia, and has won awards for his work. One of his earlier works is a series of murals called Siege to Liberation which he painted on the walls of the congregational mosque of Khorramshahr. They have both exhibited their work in many parts of the world.

This exhibit is sponsored by the Jackson School of International Studies Middle East Studies Program and the Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

Selected Pieces from the Collection