Tall Ships Photo Exhibit

Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Computing Commons

first floor entrance display area

Enjoy a photo exhibit celebrating Tall Ships June 1-July 9, 2005 at UW Seattle's Odegaard Undergraduate Library and the UW Tacoma Library. Author and photographer Thad Koza writes about marine subjects from his favorite port of call, Newport, Rhode Island. He supplements his tall ship research with firsthand photography and sailing excursions on tall ships around the world. In addition to writing magazine articles about ships and their history, he travels with a tall ships slide lecture presented to groups in the United States and Canada.

For more information: http://www.washington.edu/alumni/learning/libraries/2005tallships.html

Beginning June 30th and running through July 5, an armada of Tall Ships will visit the Port of Tacoma. Several events celebrating the history of Tall Ships will take place.