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Paintings and Poems of the Southwest Deserts

Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Commons
first, second, and third floor display areas

Currently on display are paintings and poems by Steve Dobell. The artist's statement follows: "Many years ago, I began spending time alone in the desert, thinking I would arrive at some understanding of it. I have learned many facts, but the mystery of the desert has only become deeper. It sulks and glows in the outrageous openness of the land. It inhabits the extremes of gentleness and harshness, soft colors and hard light, hot ground and cold shadows, endurance and vulnerability, loveliness and aloofness. These are what draw me to the desert, and what I have tried to paint and write about."

Some selected paintings from the exhibit. Click the image to view a larger version.

RubbleDirt HillsDead TreesCollection

Steve is a member of the Access Services staff at Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

The exhibit is on display until October 28, 2009.