Safety Patrol Report dated August 27, 1942.

James Y. Sakamoto Papers. Box 10. Manuscripts and University Archives, UW Libraries.


August 27, 1942


Mr. James Y. Sakamoto




Sanetomo Kaneko, Chief of Safety Patrol

August 20

Broke up gambling in Area A. On report of Spike Nakamoto, broke up black-jack and a four-five-six game played under the spot lights of the sentinel tower at about 9:30 p.m. Reported to Sergeant Weaver of I.S.P. and told him that ample warning had been given so he could handle the case to the limit in case it occurred again. Noticed I.S.P. getting lax.

August 21

Mess house in Area B raided the night before. Mr Egashira reports he found kitchen in a mess, bread scattered and ice box raided. Found cooks outside and a group of young fellows cooking their own breakfast. Mr. Egashira was so disgusted, he felt like leaving, but thinking of others, he chased the young fellows out, got a couple of crates of eggs from A and got the cooks to get breakfast for the rest of the camp.

One of the busses from Area B had a toilet paper streamer scattered from the Fair Grounds to the depot. Bill Mimbu and his crew had to pick it up all the way back.

August 22

Johnny Funai reported that a number of persons were intoxicated among the group that left from C, the night before their departure (Aug. 20). He was up all night keeping them quiet. Learned that soldiers had been selling $2.00 bottles for $6.00. Matter reported to Chief Johnston. An attempt to raid the mess was made but Johnny stopped it by giving the boys a loaf of bread and a jar of jam from the ware house.

August 24

Received order from Chief Johnston's office not to allow Mrs. Torigoe or Miss Uno, her sister, to visit Area C upon a formal complaint made by an unnamed person. Confidential matter concerned.