Minutes of Headquarters Staff Meeting, July 23, 1942

Hiroyuki Ichihara Papers. Reel 2. Manuscripts and University Archives, UW Libraries.

The meeting was called to order by James Sakamoto at 10:15 A.M. Mr. McGovern, Mr. Parmeter, and Mr. Johnston from the WCCA were present.

A suggestion was made by the Area D. director that the Center Manager hold a special meeting with the Censor Boards.

Books would be cleared by areas, starting tomorrow morning in Area A at 8:00 A.M. Bibles and religious books would be cleared first. Each area will have its own check-up together with a representative from the Interior Police. A time limit will be set up in regard to the turning in of these books. Monday noon will be the deadline.

Three classifications were made in regard to the different types of Japanese books:

  1. Bibles, hymnals, and English-Japanese dictionaries which will be released after examination.
  2. Books that will be turned in for clearance and recommendation. These will include technical books and translations of classical literature.
  3. Books that will actually have to be turned in and stored.

Question was brought up as to karutas and shogi. Karuta cards will have to be turned in for examination. Japanese autograph books would be in the same category as religious books and be subject to examination. Shogi will be left out for the time being, until word is received from San Francisco.

WCCA office would like to get concrete records of pilfering. These things should be reported immediately and in detail.

Director of Area B brought out the matter of the Junior Safety Patrol to watch over various activities. A suggestion was made that the Interior Police "take over" the boys.

Anything that affects the order of the camp, no matter how minute it is, should be reported to the Center Manager.

Question was brought up as to what should be done with lost and unclaimed articles.

The following people have been chosen to be on the Board of Censors:

Area A

Y. Nakagawa
Tura Nakamura
Rex Y. Yamashita
M. Hata
Harry Iwata
Yoshito Fujii

Area B

Y. Furukawa
Kaz Mori
J. Kiba
K. Kimura
T. Sakahara
I. Masumoto

Area C [Area C names are handwritten rather than typed and so are difficult to decipher.]

Sunao Senba
Shigetoshi Houri
Hiroshi Yamada
H. Hashiguchi