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Photocopy Information

General information about ordering photocopies.

What materials can be photocopied?

  • Most Special Collections material, including books, manuscripts, archival documents, photographs, maps, architectural drawings, and ephemera, may be photocopied to a maximum size of 11" x 17" (for larger items see "Photocopying maps, architectural drawings and oversized graphic materials" section below).
  • Self-service photocopying is not available; all photocopying is done by Special Collections staff.
  • Some materials may not be photocopied due to the size or fragility of the item, or due to copyright restrictions.Color photocopies are available for only some of our materials.
  • Color photocopies can not be made from our book collection and oversized materials. In some cases, there may be other reproduction options available, including color scans.


How do I place a photocopy request?

  • All photocopy orders require that you fill out a Photocopy Request form.
  • In most cases, ordering photocopies requires a personal visit to the Special Collections Division to identify requested materials. In some cases, if you are able to provide specific and precise information as to what you want photocopied, it may be possible to request them by phone or email. Please Contact Us for further information.


How much do photocopies cost?

  • The cost of photocopies varies depending on the kind of photocopy, the material photocopied, and how quickly the photocopies are completed. Prices are listed on the Reproduction Price List.
  • You may choose to be invoiced for your photocopies, or you may pay when you pick up the completed work. For large orders, pre-payment may be required.


How long does it take?

  • Turnaround time for photocopy orders is usually 2 to 3 weeks, and varies depending on staff availability and the number and size of requests received.
  • Rush service may be available for an additional fee, only for orders taken on site.


How do I receive my order?

  • Orders may by picked up at the Special Collection Reception Desk. You will be notified when your photocopies are ready for pickup. If you have questions about your order, please call Special Collections at (206) 543-1929.
  • All mail orders are sent by U.S. Mail. You will be billed the Priority Mail rate plus $2.00 per order. You may also ask about other mailing options.
  • Copies currently cannot be sent electronically.


How can I use the photocopies?

All reproductions (of whatever nature, in all media) are provided for the researcher’s individual use. We reserve the right to prohibit you from making duplicate copies from those that we furnish. Permission to publish or reproduce our material requires that you submit an application for Permission to Publish.



Photocopying maps, architectural drawings and oversized graphic materials

  • Most of our maps and other oversized materials can be reproduced depending on size, condition, and format, and type.
  • To order, use the Oversized Materials Reproduction Request form.
  • Costs vary according to what processes are suitable, the size of the original, and the desired copy.
  • For information about costs, please see the section on our Reproduction Price List entitled "Scans and Paper Copies of Architectural Drawings, Maps & Other Full-Size Reproductions."


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