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Korean Cataloging Project

Korean Books and Materials from the 1910s through the early 2000s

Why are nearly 5,000 uncataloged Korean materials so important?

The Korean studies collection in the East Asia Library at the University of Washington is one of the largest among university libraries in North America.  A growing collection such as this promotes student success in UW’s Korean Studies classes as well as East Asia regional studies. Many of the titles are fundamental in promoting a better understanding about Korean language, literature, history, culture, politics and arts in the late 20th century.

UW has been collecting Korean language titles since the 1940s. Currently, UW has a backlog of more than 5,000 unprocessed titles in the Korean studies collection.  Eliminating this backlog would make our hidden Korean resources visible not only to UW students but to students from around the world.

In the East Asia Library, the librarians have begun to eliminate the backlog in Japan and Chinese studies collection with recent multi-year funding support.  We would also like to begin this work in Korean studies collection.  We now have a wonderful opportunity and with your help we can accomplish our goal.

Korean Catalog Librarian Heija B. Ryoo has dedicated her professional career to university research libraries.  In 2004, Ms. Ryoo came to work in the UW East Asia Library after retiring from a law school library in Illinois.  For several years, she has donated funds to support student assistants and other library projects such as the monthly Korean Booksori program.

Ms. Ryoo recently established a new fund to undertake this important multi-year cataloging project.

Please join this project and make a gift to the Libraries Korean Cataloging Fund.

Your gift to this new Korean Cataloging Fund will be put to work right away for processing of Korean backlog materials.  In the future, this fund will continue to support processing of materials for Korean Studies.