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Suzzallo Study Room Policies

  • Location: Suzzallo 3rd floor, near Grand Staircase and restrooms (southwest corner of building)
  • Equipment: all have wireless access and Access+ computers; all have whiteboards except Room 333
  • Group Study Rooms are for use by UW students, staff, and faculty only.
  • Reservations recommended: reserve online; unoccupied rooms can be used on a first come basis, but reservations take precedence.
  • Reservations can be made for up to two hours. Patrons may have no more than two reservations for each room in their account at one time.
  • Cancel reservations if you know you will not use it so that others may use the room.
  • Tidy the room for the next group: clean the whiteboard, do not leave garbage or library materials behind, return the furniture to its original position.
  • When you leave the room: close the windows, turn off lights, close door.


For further information or to report a booking problem, please contact staff at the Suzzallo Circulation Desk on Suzzallo first floor, call 206-543-2553, or email suzzcirc@u.washington.edu