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The University of Washington defines diversity broadly to include "race, sex, gender identity, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, religion, and military status." Diversity at UW

Diversity is a fundamental value of the Libraries and is identified among the core values of our strategic plan. Our staff create an environment that appreciates, acknowledges, encourages and celebrates differences by functioning and communicating effectively and respectfully within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, orientations, identities and cultural backgrounds. We seek and provide opportunities to gain experience working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings with a willingness to change for continual improvement. Our appreciation for diversity allows us to serve our increasingly diverse communities more effectively and with more sensitivity.

Responding to the Call: George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and Systemic Change

In the words of UW Libraries Dean Betsy Wilson,

"Speaking on behalf of UW Libraries to all individuals and communities of color— including our UW employees, users and partners—we mourn with you and support the calls throughout our region and across the nation for justice, accountability and equality. We care about you. We see you. Black Lives Matter."

The UW Libraries is committed to and continues to work on providing support to BlPOC people, undocumented individuals, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ folx and those with visas or green cards. We stand against racism, prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.

Featured Guides & Resources

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Report Bias on Campus

Reports received through this form will be reviewed by the Bias Incident Advisory Committee who will offer support, ensure investigation, coordinate healing, and take actions to minimize future incidents. Bias may involve, but is not limited to, bullying, harassment, destruction of property, targeted hateful graffiti, discrimination based on one's identity, intimidation, or physical, verbal or written assault. If you see or experience bias on campus or through a UW online service, report it!

Libraries Diversity Advisory Committee

Libraries personnel at all levels of the organization are responsible for developing and maintaining a culture supportive of and committed to diversity and inclusion. A Diversity Committee and Diversity Officer implement and maintain the Libraries’ Diversity plan and provide support and guidance. Both the Committee and Diversity Officer report directly to the Dean of University Libraries.

Four Areas of Ongoing Focus

  • Services to constituents
    To enrich the quality of life and advance intellectual discovery by connecting people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities with knowledge.
  • Recruitment of staff from diverse backgrounds
    To increase the diversity of the Libraries' workforce at all levels of the organization.
  • Retention of staff from diverse backgrounds
    To promote an inclusive and supportive workplace culture as an important element in retaining a diverse staff.
  • Organizational culture
    To incorporate awareness of the value and importance of diversity at all levels of the Libraries so that staff recognize their responsibility in maintaining a culture supportive of and committed to diversity; provide a supportive and safe working and learning environment.