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UX Cafe Session Reports 2017-18

ITS & Digital Strategies' pilot of small-scale, walk-up usability sessions. For more information about UX Cafe contact libuse@uw.edu.
Libraries Home Page Audience Menu Links Testing
Assessment of the Libraries' homepage audience categories.
Odegaard Library Website Card Sort
Assessment of OUGL website's basic information architecture.
Odegaard Library Website Navigation Tree Testing
Post Card sort testing to evaluate findability in four main OUGL website sections.
User Experience with UW Libraries Primo Search Facets
Test to evaluate how patrons interact with Primo facets when searching for library materials.
Primo Icon Survey
Simple survey to determine the best icon for items labeled "Archive Materials" in the UW Libraries' catalog.
Primo Scope Testing
Testing aimed at finding out what students think of the Primo scope options in the basic and advanced search bars.
Unit Template Mockup Testing
Paper prototype testing to determine initial reactions to interface and concepts of new unit templates.
OWRC Schedule Testing
Test to get students' initial thoughts about the Odegaard Writing and Research Center schedule system.