Library of Congress Subject Headings Created by Catalogers at the University of Washington Libraries through the SACO Program

Academic library directors


Addax (Genus)

Advanced very high resolution radiometers



African blackwood

Afton State Park (Minn.)

Airplanes--Disc brakes

Alborz-e-Markazi Protected Area (Iran)

Alkali bee

Alki Point (Wash.)

Allegheny River Valley Trail (N.Y.)

Alta Lake State Park (Wash.)

Animal behavior--Endocrine aspects

Antenna radiation patterns


Arrowhead State Trail (Minn.)

Ash Hollow Formation

Ash Wednesday sermons

Asian American legislators

Atmospheric models

Automobiles--Bodies--Maintenance and repair

Bacterial kidney disease (Fish disease)

Baker Faculty Center (Walla Walla, Wash.)

Banning State Park (Minn.)

Battle Ground Lake State Park (Wash.)

Baw Baw frog

Baw Baw Plateau (Vic.)

Bay ghost shrimp

Bay View State Park (Wash.)

BDA International Design Awards

Beacon Rock (Wash.)

Beacon Rock State Park (Wash.)

Bear Island State Forest (Minn.)

Belden, Trixie (Fictitious character)

Beltrami Island State Forest (Minn.)

Big Beaver Creek Research Natural Area (Wash.)

Birch Bay State Park (Wash.)

Birch Lake State Forest (Minn.)

Black katy

Black-eared miner

Blake Island State Park (Wash.)

Bluewater Lake (Minn.)

Booms (Hydraulic engineering)

Brown thrasher

Buena Vista State Forest (Minn.)

Buffalo sculpin

Buffer zones (Ecosystem management)

Bycatches (Fisheries)--Law and legislation

CALEX (Computer program language)

Camano Island State Park (Wash.)

Cannon River (Minn.)

Cannon Valley Trail (Minn.)

Canyon plants

Cape Meares State Park (Or.)

Carkeek Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Catherine Creek (Or.)

Cave conservation


Chengwatana State Forest (Minn.)

Christmas tree industry

Chugach State Park (Alaska)

Clay Peak (Neb.)

Climatic changes--Detection

Columbia spotted frog

Common quail

Concordia (Roman deity)

Cooks Cove Walkway (N.Z.)


Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park (Wash.)

Crow Wing River (Minn.)

Crow Wing River Watershed (Minn.)

Crow Wing State Park (Minn.)

Crown lands--Leasing



Deception Pass State Park (Wash.)

Denali State Park (Alaska)

Diablo Cove (Calif.)

Dillon State Park (Ohio)


Dogfish fisheries

Domestic partner benefits--Law and legislation

Dosewallips River (Wash.)

Dosewallips State Park (Wash.)


Douglas State Trail (Minn.)

Downtown Park (Bellevue, Wash.)

Dr. José Rizal Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Dragoon Creek (Wash.)

Dragoon Creek, West Branch (Wash.)

Drained lakes

Dramatists, Yugoslav

Drawing, Korean

Earth temperature--Effect of volcanic eruptions on



Egg distribution (Zoogeography)



Escapement (Fisheries)

Farrel-McWhirter Park (Redmond, Wash.)


Feeds--Vitamin E content

Fender's blue butterfly

Finland State Forest (Minn.)

Fishes--Behavior--Endocrine aspects

Fishes--Effect of human beings on

Fishes--Effect of sound on

Fishes--Eggs--Geographical distribution

Fishes--Larvae--Geographical distribution

Flandrau State Park (Minn.)


Florivorous insects

Fond du Lac State Forest (Minn.)

Food--Vitamin E content

Forest fungi

Forkaidu Island (Maldives)

Fort Canby State Park (Wash.)

Fort Casey State Park (Wash.)

Fort Spokane (Lincoln County, Wash. : Fort)

Fort Spokane (Spokane County, Wash.)

Fort Steilacoom County Park (Lakewood, Wash.)

Fort Worden State Park (Port Townsend, Wash.)


Franklinia (Genus)

Freeway Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Frontenac State Park (Minn.)

Gateway State Trail (Minn.)

Gays' writings, South African (English)

Gedney Island (Wash.)

Gellibrand River (Vic.)

Gellibrand River Watershed (Vic.)

George Washington State Forest (Minn.)

GĖS-i Norak (Tajikistan)

Giant forest hog

Glendalough State Park (Minn.)

Golden Anniversary State Forest (Minn.)

Golden Gardens Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Grand Portage State Park (Minn.)

Great River Bluffs State Park (Minn.)

Green Lake (King County, Wash. : Lake)

Hat Island Natural Resource Conservation Area (Wash.)

Hat Island (Skagit County, Wash.)

Hayes Lake State Park (Minn.)

Heal Lake (B.C.)

Heartland State Trail (Minn.)

Helmer Myre State Park (Minn.)

Heritage Park (Olympia, Wash.)

Heritage Trail (Iowa)

Hermit warbler

Hill River State Forest (Minn.)

Hodar Site (Pakistan)

Homophobia in schools

Hueston Woods State Park (Ohio)

Human behavior--Endocrine aspects

Huntersville State Forest (Minn.)

Hurricane Ridge (Wash.)

IBEX 35 (Stock price index)


Icaricia icarioides

Ice booms

Indian Mound Reserve (Ohio)

Island seaperch

Issaquah Creek (Wash.)

Issaquah Creek Watershed (Wash.)

Itiquís River (Costa Rica)

Itiquís River Watershed (Costa Rica)

Judge C.R. Magney State Park (Minn.)

Kabetogama State Forest (Minn.)

Karaboro (African people)

Katharina (Mollusks)

Kennebec River Gorge (Me.)

Kenneth S. Allen Library (Seattle, Wash.)

Khetrānī dialect

Knapsack problem (Mathematics)

Lacey V. Murrow Bridge (Mercer Island and Seattle, Wash.)

Lake Louise State Park (Minn.)

Lake Maria State Park (Minn.)

Lake Shetek State Park (Minn.)

Lake Washington Boulevard (Seattle, Wash.)

Lake Wenatchee State Park (Wash.)

Land O'Lakes State Forest (Minn.)

Larvae--Geographical distribution

Leaky-wave antennas


Library buildings--Evacuation

Library buildings--Safety measures

Library directors

Lincoln Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Litchfield Hills (Conn.)

Little Miami Scenic Trail (Ohio)

Lochsa River Watershed (Idaho)

Log-periodic antennas

Lone Lake (Wash.)

Long Valley Caldera (Calif.)

Long-tailed tit

Luce Line State Trail (Minn.)

Lynndale Park (Lynnwood, Wash.)

Makandudu Island (Maldives)

Mardon skipper

Marine biological diversity

Marine biological diversity conservation

Marine resources conservation--Law and legislation

Marine resources development--Law and legislation

Mas family

Matrix attachment regions

Maya authors

McCarthy Beach State Park (Minn.)


Metro Tunnel (Seattle, Wash.)

Milandu Island (Maldives)

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park (Minn.)

Mineral Ridge (Idaho)

Minneopa State Park (Minn.)

Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area (Minn.)

Montesano Formation (Wash.)

Moose River ATV/OHM Trail (Minn.)


Mount Baker Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Muskingum River State Park (Ohio)

Myriapoda, Fossil

Myrtle Edwards Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Narrows Creek (B.C.)

Narrows Reserve (Ohio)

Nazaré Stream (Pará, Brazil)

Nemadji State Forest (Minn.)




Nerstrand Big Woods State Park (Minn.)

New York (State), Western

Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)

Nisqually Glacier (Wash.)


North Shore State Trail (Minn.)

Northern right whale dolphin

Norwegian language--Technical Norwegian

Novohrad (Slovakia)


Oil spill drills

Oil spills--Prevention

Old Fort Townsend State Park (Wash.)

Ornamental hedges

Osoyoos Lake (B.C. and Wash.)

Pacific geoduck fisheries

Pacific Islander American legislators

Padilla Bay Lagoon (Wash.)

Padilla Bay (Wash.)

Parkin Archeological State Park (Ark.)

Paul Bunyan State Forest (Minn.)

Paul Bunyan State Trail (Minn.)

Peace Arch (Blaine, Wash. and White Rock, B.C.)

Peace Arch State Park (Blaine, Wash.)

Pesticide buffer zones


Pillsbury State Forest (Minn.)



Plant photoreceptors


Port Angeles Harbor (Wash.)

Portage Island (Wash.)

Priest Point Park (Olympia, Wash.)


Pygmy whitefish


Ranigat Site (Pakistan)


Raven Rock State Park (N.C.)

Redbreast sunfish

Religious literature, Russian

Remote Lake Solitude Area (Minn.)


Renibacterium salmoninarum

Research library directors

Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest (Minn.)

Right whale dolphins


Root River (Minn.)

Saemaŭl movement

Saint Edward State Park (Wash.)

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail (Minn.)

Savanna State Forest (Minn.)

Scenic State Park (Minn.)

Schoolcraft State Park (Minn.)


Schizymenia pacifica

Seward Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Shiner perch

Skipjack tuna industry

Small painting, Czech

Snohomish River Estuary (Wash.)

Snoqualmie River Watershed (Wash.)

Snake River (Aitkin County-Pine County, Minn.)

Solenogasters, Fossil

Soudan Underground Mine State Park (Minn.)

Spencer Island (Wash.)

Sperm competition


Spiny dogfish fisheries

Spiny dogfish fisheries--Law and legislation

Split Rock Creek State Park (Minn.)

Spokane Street Viaduct (Seattle, Wash.)

Squak Mountain State Park (Wash.)

Starkey Experimental Forest and Range (Or.)

Stephen Mather Wilderness (Wash.)

Stikine Icefield (Alaska)

Stuart Island State Park (Wash.)

Stubble quail

Sultan River (Wash.)

Sun Lakes (Wash.)

Sun Lakes State Park (Wash.)

Suzzallo Library (Seattle, Wash.)

Swamp rabbit

Swartswood State Park (N.J.)

Sweden--Civilization--Byzantine influences

Systems librarians

Taconite State Trail (Minn.)

Takla Lake (B.C.)

Tate, Nat (Fictitious character)

Te Kuri Farm Walkway (N.Z.)

Tiger Mountain State Forest (Wash.)

Tolmie State Park (Wash.)

Transgariep (South Africa)




Turkish poetry--17th century

Two Inlets State Forest (Minn.)

Upper Sioux Agency State Park (Minn.)

Variegated Glacier (Alaska)

Vermilion River (Minn.)

Village Creek State Park (Ark.)

Volunteer Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Volunteer Park Reservoir Dam (Seattle, Wash.)

Volunteer Park Reservoir (Seattle, Wash.)

Wabana Lake (Minn.)

Warren G. Magnuson Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Washburn Lake Solitude Area (Minn.)

Washington Park (Seattle, Wash.)

Washington (State), Eastern

Washington (State), Western

Wasps, Fossil

Water in the Koran

Water jet peening

Watershed restoration

Watershed restoration--Law and legislation

Wawayanda State Park (N.J.)

West Seattle Reservoir Dam (Seattle, Wash.)

West Seattle Reservoir (Seattle, Wash.)

Western pearlshell

Wetland management

Wetland restoration

Wetland restoration--Law and legislation

Whitmarsh Landfill (Wash.)

Willard Munger State Trail (Minn.)

Wind instruments industry

Women, Black, in art

Women poets, Persian

Wood-Tikchik State Park (Alaska)

Woodwind instruments industry

X-ray holography


Zumbro Bottoms Management Unit (Minn.)