From the Vice Provost and Dean - Winter 2015

Public events and exhibits: Carlos Bulosan papers, Mughal architecture in India

Landslides, South Asian architecture, the labor history and the U.S. presidency: It might seem that these have little in common, but at the crossroads of the University, you can find any and all subjects in our collections — both online and in physical time and space.

The Libraries’ mission of connecting people with knowledge extends beyond our academic community to the diverse public that attends our events and exhibits.

At upcoming Libraries events and exhibits, we invite you to learn about massive mudslides from Dr. David Montgomery, UW professor of earth and space sciences; view papers and photos of Carlos Bulosan, author, poet and labor activist; or hear keynote speaker Robert Schenkkan, whose play about LBJ garnered a Tony award. Visit our online collections to learn about Mughal architecture in India or the history of the University of Washington.

I hope to welcome you to the Libraries in the near future — where we both satisfy and inspire curious minds.

- Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson

Winter 2015