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Subject Matter Consultants

Who are they?

Each discipline of study at the University of Washington has a dedicated librarian who provides research advice for that discipline.  You can schedule an appointment to meet with your librarian.  To find your librarian and contact them directly, check the Research Guide for your discipline.  Librarian contact information may be found on each Research Guide.

Types of consultations

Subject librarians can assist your project in a variety of ways.  Here is a sample:

  • Offer starting points for researching your topic
  • For classes assisting with digital object creation, librarians can offer:
    • assistance with assignment design to achieve the best product outcomes
    • research workshops on finding content to support the project
    • best practices for content creation
    • research guides tailored to your specific topic
  • Knowledge of other digital scholarship projects happening in the field

Sample projects

Contact us

Still unsure of who to contact, send us a message and we’ll match you up with a librarian who can help!