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Metadata Services

What is it?

Metadata Services can help you describe your scholarly resources so that people can find them. Whether we are describing the resource using an abstract, citing an author, assigning keywords or simply an identifier to a resource, our metadata helps connect users to resources.

When planning for your metadata needs, think about:

  • What kind of information do you need to describe each resource?
  • What do your users need to know about what the resource is, where it came from, who created it, what its significance is?
  • How much detail do you need?
  • How will users find resources in your collection? What will they be looking for and how will they look for it?

Whether you are just starting a project--the best time to model your metadata needs--or you are deep into a project, we can provide metadata consultation for projects taking place in the University of Washington Libraries and in UW academic units.

Types of consultations

  • modeling data
  • creating a metadata schema, data dictionary, and/or ontology
  • creating rules for metadata entry
  • choosing metadata standards
  • metadata workflow issues
  • metadata technology issues

Sample projects

Key Contact

Ben Riesenberg, Metadata Librarian