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Scholarly Publishing

What is it?

UW authors have many ways to make their work more visible, from publishing in open access journals to depositing their work in our repository, ResearchWorksScholarly Publishing can help with various legs of the publishing process!

Types of consultations

Here are a sampling of questions our Scholarly Publishing personnel can help you navigate:

  • What is green vs. gold open access?
  • My journal offered me the option of paying X hundred dollars to make my article openly accessible.  Should I do it?
  • I got solicited to publish in an open access journal I’m not familiar with.  Is the journal reputable?
  • I received a grant from XYZ agency.  Am I required to make my publications resulting from research supported by that grant funding publicly available?
  • What’s the difference between openly accessible/available and publicly accessible/available?
  • My publisher wants me to transfer my copyright to them before they will publish my article.  Should I do it?  What other options might I have to preserve some of my rights?
  • Does the campus/library have funding to help support publication in open access journals?
  • What are open educational resources/open textbooks?  Are they any good?

Additional Resources

Key Contact

Gordon Aamot, Director, Scholarly Communication & Publishing