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Collections and Resources

ACM Depository Collection
National depository collection for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
E-Books for Engineering & Technology
Find e-books held by the UW Libraries on topics in engineering and technology. Explore all the e-book collections at the UW.
Conference Papers or Conference Proceedings
Conference proceedings are also called Congresses, Symposiums, Colloquiums, etc. A proceeding is made of up a collection of papers that were presented at a conference usually centered around a specific topic. Conference proceedings are not always published. For more help finding conference proceedings click on the title above.
Engineering Journals and Periodicals
The Engineering Library subscribes to hundreds of journals both in print/hard copy and online. To find out if we have a particular journal, search for the title in the UW Libraries Search. Click above for help finding journals and more information about getting an article from a journal we don't subscribe to.
Engineering, Scientific & Technical Databases
The Engineering Library created this list of databases for research in all fields of engineering and technology. You will find references to articles, articles in full-text, technical reports, conference papers and other resources by searching a database from this list.
Environmental Impact Statements
The University of Washington Libraries collects Environmental Impact Statements dealing with the Pacific Northwest, primarily the local area, dating from the early 1970's to the present. Many are located in Government Publications, the Engineering Library and Special Collections and can be found by checking the UW Libraries catalog.
Industry Standards
The standards in the Engineering Library's collection are primarily engineering related. For standards related to other subjects, check at other libraries such as the Health Sciences or Built Environments Libraries. Use this Research Guide for help identifying and finding standards.
Technical Reports
Technical reports are publications published to convey results of research usually funded by government or corporate bodies. Click on the title to see a guide that will suggest starting points for searching for technical reports and how to find them in the UW Libraries or elsewhere.
Theses and Dissertations