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Gift Delivery Options

Before you deliver your gift

  • Confirm that your gift will support the University of Washington Libraries. Contact the Gifts Program at 206-543-1859.
  • Include the name and address of the donor (person, estate, organization, company, UW department, etc.) with the gift.
  • Choose a large/heavy or small gift delivery option.
    • Do not deliver gifts to branch libraries
    • Do not use book returns to deliver gifts.


    Small gifts

          Easy-to-carry gift delivery options in the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries. No large boxes or more than 2 bags.

          Directions to campus & parking

            Information Desk in Allen Library

            Large/heavy gifts

            Delivery of large or heavy gifts to loading dock by appointment only on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Contact Carolyn H. Aamot at 206-543-1859.