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Support the Mathematics Research Library


  • Monetary donations are always welcome and very useful!  Please direct your gift to the Math Library Fund.
  • Donations of new research-level books are especially helpful too.
  • Faculty frequently offer their collection of books and journals to the UW Libraries. While Math Research is eager to accept clean copies of mathematics and statistics items that we need, in most cases we cannot accept duplicates of titles we already have. Please review your collection for graduate level materials and then give us a list detailing the author-title-year of publication info of items thought to be of interest to us.  We will check our holdings for what we need and get back to you.
  • For items of broader interest than research level mathematics and statistics, contact the UW Libraries' Gift Program. They can also field questions regarding tax concerns, appraisals, back issue dealers, University and Libraries gift policies and procedures, referrals to other libraries (local, regional, international), etc.

    Support the academic community

    • AMS Book Donation Program
    • Sell books in serviceable condition to the UW Bookstore or other used book buyers.
    • Organize an annual mathematical or statistical sciences used book sale.  Then donate the proceeds to the Math Library Fund!
    • With permission of your department, put items in your departmental lounge for give away to students.
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