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Data Visualization

Whether you’re a beginner in learning data visualization or if you’re adding the final touches to your dashboard, we’re here to help.


What support is available for Data Visualization?

  • One on one consultations on:
    • Selecting a tool
    • Preparing data
    • Data visualization and dashboard design
    • Critical data visualization considerations
    • Accessible design
    • Other data visualization-related questions
    • **Does not include technical support for tools (such as Tableau)


  • Workshops may go over:
    • An introduction to data visualization tools
    • Accessible information visualizations
    • Ethical decision-making in data cleaning and preparation



Accessibility & Data Visualization
Last offered Feb 2021, next session tbd

Data visualization best practices and tools do not always discuss accessibility, which can exclude groups of people. This workshop will review ways to make your visualizations more accessible. We will work through a visualization together and add features to make it more accessible. You are encouraged to follow along, but no active participation is necessary. Data visualization experience is not required, though some familiarity with accessing and using spreadsheet software may be helpful.


Examples of Previous Workshops

Data Visualization: Theory to Practice

Join us to take data visualization instruction to the next level and start creating your own visualizations. This webinar will consist of an overview of data visualization, a discussion of ethical considerations to take when creating visualizations, and a demonstration (you can follow along!) of a free, in-browser data visualization tool that you can start using immediately.

Data Visualization and Equity

Data and data visualization are increasingly important methods of communication and decision-making. However, equitable practices are not often the priority in the collection, creation, and visualization of data. A critical approach to data practices can help with the adoption of ethical and equitable data practices. This talk will discuss those issues and approaches.

Hand Drawn Data Visualization

Join the Libraries for a fun session to learn more about fundamental concepts in data visualization and create your own hand drawn (or online drawn!) data visualization. Sample datasets will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own dataset. You can also visualize something going on in your life! No prior experience with data visualization is necessary. An online drawing tool will be shared. This is a hands on, collaborative workshop that will encourage interaction with others in your breakout room of 3-4 attendees (max).

Better than Best Practices: Inclusive Data Visualization

Data visualization design “best practices" often do not prioritize (or outright reject) efforts to be inclusive. This workshop will establish new "best practices" and provide an opportunity to test them out in a visualization. Data visualization experience is not required, though some familiarity with accessing and using spreadsheet software may be helpful. The first half of this workshop will be a presentation, and the last half will be a hands on, interactive, collaborative activity. .





  • Tableau Public
    • Free
    • Data visualization tool that can build charts and dashboards


  • Microsoft Power BI
    • Free trial, though may be provided through Office 365 account
    • Data visualization tool that can build charts and dashboards


  • RAWGraphs
    • Open source
    • Build complex charts through a drag and drop interface in your browser -- no downloads necessary


  • And more. Please reach out if you would like help with choosing a tool