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Photography and Videography Policy: Odegaard Library

The University of Washington Libraries provides collections, services, and study space for the University of Washington community, and for visitors conducting research. In keeping with its mission to advance “intellectual discovery and enrich the quality of life by connecting people with knowledge,” the Libraries maintains an environment conducive to study and research. The following guidelines are derived from the Libraries Code of Conduct and govern photography and videography in Odegaard Library:

    • Candid, snapshot photography is allowed as long as it is not disruptive to Libraries users.
      • Photography should not be invasive or disruptive
      • Faces should not be identifiable in photographs
    • Organized, posed group or individual photography or videography, such as, but not limited to, wedding parties and staged film shoots, is not permitted, and any photography or videography that blocks building entrances, passages, and staircases is not allowed.
    • Photography or videography requiring the use of special lighting or reflectors is not allowed.

        Questions and commercial photography inquiries should be directed to:

        Odegaard Library Administration