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Eligibility and Application Details

Application Procedures

Your complete application submission includes 2 forms and the following components:

Deadline: May 1, 2024 - 11:59 p.m.

Form 1

Application Form

Upload the following; see details on Submission Guidelines

  • Research Strategies Reflective Essay
    500-1000 words, PDF file
    Most important part of your application!
  • Research Project + Bibliography
    PDF, Powerpoint slides, DVD/CD, Website URL, etc.
    Email libaward@uw.edu and let us know if files cannot be submitted electronically
  • Population Health Essay (optional)
    ~250 words, PDF file
    Describe how your research aligns with the theme of population health. Population Health Initiative will select standout applications. This is a separate award you can apply for in addition to your main award application, and does not affect your chances of winning either award.

Application Form

Form 2

Instructor Support Form

Send this link to your course instructor. They will provide an assessment of your use of research strategies and tools in your project, and how it fits in your discipline. The form can be filled out by faculty, TAs, and instructors.

Instructor Support Form



  • Have all materials ready before completing the forms. You will not be able to save your form responses and return later
  • For group projects: Each member of a group must submit their files individually to be considered for the award competition. It is acceptable to use the same instructor support form, if appropriate.

See Submission Guidelines for application tips and Evaluation Criteria for details on how points are awarded.



  • Undergraduate students enrolled at any University of Washington campus (Bothell, Seattle, or Tacoma) anytime Spring 2023 - Spring 2024
  • Projects completed for UW course credit, for the Undergraduate Research Program (URP), or the Undergraduate Research Symposium anytime Spring 2023 - Spring 2024
  • Projects accepted in any format or medium, including but not limited to written papers, posters, art, websites, or musical compositions
  • Projects accepted in any language, but reflective essay must be in English
  • Individual and group projects are eligible.  Each student will be judged individually for group projects.



  • Upper Division Thesis - $1000
  • Upper Division Non-Thesis - $1000
  • Lower Division (students with fewer than 90 college-level credits) - $1000
  • Honorable Mentions - $500

Separate award: Population Health Award - $250


Financial Aid - Note

The award may affect your financial aid. Please consult your financial aid advisor.