2010 Winners

Senior Thesis Division, Friends of the Libraries Awards

Senior Non-Thesis Division, Friends of the Libraries Awards


Senior Non-Thesis Division, Kenneth S. Allen Award

Roderick Yang (Biology, History)
Faculty Advisor: Jack W. Berryman, Bioethics & Humanities
The Invention of Nutrition

The idea of "nutrition" as we understand it is relatively recent. Prior to the 19th century, food was more or less just food, with the major concern of nutriment being quantity. But with developments in the fields of organic and biological chemistry, scientists in the 19th century began to recognize that food contained a variety of chemical substances, and soon the deluge began. This paper follows the emergence of nutrition as a science, anchored by the major scientific discoveries in the early days of the field, and the concurrent birth of dietary recommendations. Such recommendations, particularly those issued regularly by the USDA since the 1894, reveal the growing complexity in the last 100 years of our understanding of what constitutes food, and what it means to eat healthfully.

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Non-senior Division: Kenneth S. Allen Awards

Honorable Mention: Kenneth S. Allen Awards

Alison Bilow (History, Anthropology)
Advisor: Lynn Thomas, History
Senior Thesis: The Bantu World and the Star: Domestic Servants and Racial Respectability in the 1930’s South African Press

Monika Fischer (Biology)
Advisor: Joe Ammirati, Biology
Non-senior project: Orchid Nutrition and Development with Mycorrhizae

Andrew Schwartz (International Studies)
Advisors: Maria Elena Garcia, International Studies and Deborah Porter, Comparative History of Ideas
Senior Thesis: Memories Inked, A History Remembered: Salvadoran Immigrant Gang Tattoos in Los Angeles

Gordon Waite (Comparative Literature, Comparative History of Ideas)
Advisor: Jennifer Bean, Comparative Literature
Senior Non-thesis project: Evolution of Dialogue in Early Sound Film