2012 Winners

Senior Thesis Division

Senior Non-Thesis Division

Non-senior Division

Honorable Mentions

Vincenzina Robertson (History)
Faculty Advisor: Mary Hanneman, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma
Senior Thesis: Soaring Eagles of the High Qing: Women's Writing as a Path to Social Advancement in Patriarchal China

Christine Woodward (Geography & Latin American Studies)
Faculty Advisor: Jose Antonio Lucero, Jackson School of International Studies
Senior Thesis: Viva a Revolução/Sent from my iPhone: Politics, culture, and the Fora PM movement

Hannah Giese (History)
Faculty Advisor: Charity Urbanski, History
Non-Senior Project: Death and the Dancing Fairy: Silkie and Vila Folktales as Violations of the Christian Patriarchy

Kyra Lindstrom (Community Psychology)
Faculty Advisor: Kristine Kellejian, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
Non-Senior Project: The Lifetime of Shyness: Case Studies on Shyness