2014 Winners

Senior Thesis Division

Senior Non-Thesis Division

Non-senior Division

Honorable Mentions

Morgan Galloway (Political Science)
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Thorpe, Political Science
Senior Thesis: Blackhawks and Human Rights: The Impact and Consequences of Short-Term Incentives in Militarizing “Plan Colombia”

Azeb Madebo (Communication & Anthropology)
Faculty Advisor: Ralina Joseph, Communication
Senior Thesis: Re-Imagining Identities: Racial and Ethnic Discourses within Seattle’s Habesha Community

Hope St. John (Urban Studies & Global Studies)
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Hoffman, Urban Studies, UW Tacoma
Senior Non-Thesis Project: Ai Weiwei and Maoist Legacies in the Reform Era

Samantha (Jing) Xue (Accounting & Information Systems)
Faculty Advisor: Atanu Lahiri, Foster School of Business
Senior Non-Thesis Project: Drama in the TV Industry: A Study of New Entrants, New Services and New Consolidations

Chris Lower (Sustainable Urban Development, UW Tacoma)
Faculty Advisor: Yonn Dierwechter, Urban Studies, UW Tacoma
Non-Senior Project: Rise of Cities as Catalysts for Effective Climate Action in a Post-Westphalian Landscape

Erika VanHorne (History & Economics)
Faculty Advisor: Richard Johnson, History
Non-Senior Project: An Examination of Widow’s Status within the Orphan Chamber of New Amsterdam