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Spieske / Hatchett Art Library Endowed Fund

Elizabeth and Winnie

The purpose of the Endowment is for programs, collections, preservation, projects, facilities and services provided by the Art Library. Library materials purchased may include books, sets of collected works, facsimiles of manuscripts, electronic resources and other information formats.

Two friends' lifelong love of learning, books and libraries was the impetus behind this legacy given to the University Libraries.

Alice Winifred "Winnie" Spieseke was a Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington. Winnie met Elizabeth Hatchett, of Kentucky, at Columbia University where Elizabeth was earning her master's degree. They became inseparable friends, spending the next 40 years exploring NYC before retiring to Seattle in 1975. Winnie and Elizabeth named the Libraries the beneficiary for the Spieseke/Hatchett Art Library Endowed Fund.